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April 21, 2013
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Gargoyle:  Quisnam es vos?

Curious: huh?

Me:  Salve.  Mihi nomen est Robert.  *points behind me* Mei amici sunt.  Curious, Zodi, Kate et Rex Wolfen.  quod nomen est tibi? <Greetings.  My name is Robert.  These are my friends...Is there a name that I can call you by?>

Zodi: What language are they speaking?

Wolfen: It's Latin.  The gargoyle asked us who we were.  Wolf.Spider introduced us and asked for his name.

Me:  I forgot you spoke Latin.  Would you prefer speaking to him yourself?

Wolfen: Go ahead.

Gargoyle: *Speaking in Latin*  I am Harlem, one of the protectors of this land.  What are you doing with one of the red kings?

Wolfen: I may be a Red King but I am not my father's son.  We are here to fight him.

Harlem:  You wish to fight the Iron King?

Me: Yes that is our goal but we cannot do it alone.  We need weapons and we need your help.

Harlem: We do not aid with any of those banished to this dimension, only keep them in  line.

Me: But Wolfor has grown beyond your ability to control.  If we do not aid each other, this world and others will be destroyed.

Harlem: You believe you have the strength?  I only see a neutered king, a powerless Chaos warrior, a shiroshark and three who do not belong to this realm.  What can you offer us?

Me: We are stronger than we appear and we have allies.  Take us to the one called Adreanne and we will show you what we are capable of or you can refuse and we'll watch as Wolfor dooms us all.

Harlem: Very well.

Zodi: Oh now he speaks English.  Anyone gonna inform us of what's going on?

Wolfen: We are going to see Adreanne, the rest we'll explain on the way.

Me: We won't have much time.

Wolfen: What do you me-*Cut off as reality appears to warp around them. They float for a while before landing in front of Adreanne and Templeton.*

Me: The guardians here have learned how to bend the dimensional space around them...they can't travel instantaneously point to point...but they can seriously reduce the distance. Anyways...what's that power?

Adreanne: Brother! You've arrived. I was just catching Templeton up on what we've been doing.

War Chief: *walking up.* Brother?  This powerless wimp is thine brother? What hath happened to the Demon Kin?

Adreanne: It's not his fault.  Robert was once the most powerful of us living but he sacrificed his strength to save his comrades.

War Chief: Is he so powerless that another would hath to speak on his behalf?

Me: No one speaks on my behalf and if you think my recent predicament keeps me from fighting than maybe I should show you otherwise. (This power.  So strong and yet the one in armor has almost equal strength. Who have you brought back Adreanne?)

War Chief: Hush up. Thou wouldn't even make a decent warm up. *Looks over at Kate.* Now she is a decent warrior. I've met stronger but at least she wouldn't hath been an embarrassment to my clan like thou and thine sister.

Me: You assume I can't fight because I lost my strength.  Fight me and we'll see who the embarrassment to the clan is.

War Chief: Thou tempt to goad me but it will not work.

Harlem: Do you and your allies usually communicate this way?

Curious: I'm pretty sure this is just masculine bravado.  It doesn't mean much.

Kate: Robert!!! Can I fight him when you're done?  It's been a while since I've had a good fight.

Me: Well...I do owe you about 20 some odd anniversary and birthday probably something along the lines of a "Sorry I died on you" yeah.  Maybe if he's still standing.

War Chief: that's enough. If thou wishes to hath thine second funeral I will oblige.

Adreanne: ENOUGH!!!  We don't have time to fight right now.

Me: Don't interfere Adreanne.  I need this fight.
And the winner of the most original name for a character is....

1. The Latin should be accurate though some of what I put in the translation circuits are rough translations. I learned Latin well enough to say the basics and I double checked everything.

2. Make no mistake there will be no miraculous victory for me in this fight...I do hope to prove something with it though. You can write as much or as little as you want about the fight but I would like to contribute some to it.
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CuriousSpinnyFan Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
Oh Wolf.spider, writing this part is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you. Well not really cause you're the one fighting the ancient War Chief, actually this is gonna be so painful I don't think I can bare to watch. lol I'll let you decide, would you rather prefer weapons, or bare knuckle boxing?
Considering I haven't had a sword fight yet...I'll choose sword.
CuriousSpinnyFan Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
alright then, I'll post my roughdraft part here soon. possibly tommorow.
HowlsInTheDistance Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw I already had a battle theme picked out... [link]
You can still use a battle theme but this is the only one I'd accept: [link]

You gotta stick with the classics sometimes.
HowlsInTheDistance Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh and I would have named the Gargoyle Harlem. Free cookie if you can guess why.
Does it have something to do with the old cartoon show?
HowlsInTheDistance Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eeyup. No better name for a gargoyle than a part of New York. You win! ^_^

He was the orange one?
HowlsInTheDistance Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, been too long? There was no gargoyle named Harlem in the cartoon. I chose that name in order to follow the naming convention of the other gargoyles, most of whom were named after places in New York. (Hudson, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, and Bronx.)
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