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Me: So everyone knows what we're headed for right?

Curious: Of course we're about to go fight some bad guys.


Romulus: Actually they are not necessarily bad guys.

Zodi: Yeah! Death to not necessarily...wait what?

Me: All of these men are loyal Red Kingdom soldiers, down to the very last one.  They signed up because they believe in Wolfor's claim to the throne.

Wolfen: So you are asking us to slaughter my own men.

Romulus: Only the ones you have to. I'd like to get this done with the minimum amount of blood shed.

Curious: You can't ask us to do this!  They're innocent.

Me: We don't have any other choice.  If we can't attack them head on we won't have a chance against Wolfor.  Besides it's not like we don't have a plan.

Kate: Then what is it?

Romulus: Me, Wolf.Spider and you, Kate, will go in on Chompy and hit them head on. We'll be the distraction while Wolfen leads Curious and Zodi on the flank.  Hopefully, if we can hit hard enough, Curious will be able to get to Wolfor without too much trouble.

Wolfen: Why Wolf.Spider?

Romulus:  Excuse me?

Wolfen: If you are the head on attack shouldn't you have the strongest fighters with you?

Me: I'm not completely incapable you know. Either way, Curious is our strongest fighter, you'll need her present to fight Wolfor.  Besides *Pulls out rocks with strange runes marked on them* I'm good at making distractions.


Croco: You wanted to see me Grandfather?

Wolfor: Yes actually I did.  Your father and some of his friends are planning an attack.  I want to know what they will plan.

Croco: I see.  If it's just him and the rest than you have nothing to worry about.  He never had an eye for strategy...he'll simply charge head on.

Wolfor: I don't think he'll be the one calling strategy.  Romulus and Wolf.Spider are with them.

Croco: I see...well I am not familiar with my Great-grandfather's strategy.

Wolfor: It's not him I'm worried about like your father he let others plan his battles Wolf.Spider has had experience. He was a general once...maybe at several points...a fighter longer than that.  What would he have in mind?

Croco:  Well his overall strategy isn't difficult to read but he does like to mix in a few tricks. He'll send a team of heavy hitters, likely the more clumsy ones at you from the front.  This attack will be masked as a brute charge and once he's in the center, that's when the real attack will be launched.  He's a fan of explosions so be cautious of those.  The plan will be to force you to counter him while a second team, smaller and stealthier than the first will use the distraction to flank around and look to take you.

Wolfor: I see and how would you counter?

Croco: We give him what he's expecting. We'll make it appear that we've fallen for his head on attack and when they go to flank, we'll trap them.

*Fades to the War Chief attacking Adreanne*

Adreanne: This is useless!  Why does he have to be moving for this?

Grandmaster: You have identified the aura of his soul but you have not learned to harness it.  You need to be able to harness it.

Adreanne: And why does he have to be attacking me?

War Chief: Aww don't be such a whiner. Never heard of a Demon Kin who'd shy away from a fight.

Grandmaster: With their energy suppressed you will not be able to bind the souls of the other two and I guarantee that they will not be as willing to work with you as our friend here...

War Chief: Shut it outsider.

Grandmaster: As I was saying, if you can learn to identify and bind the soul while he's moving than you will be ready to bind the other two.

Adreanne: Yeah...really looking forward to that...

Grandmaster: Don't worry. I'll only unbind them one at a time and when they come we will both be here to help you.

*meanwhile at the Red Castle, half buried in the sand with two muggers' feet, neither wearing ruby red slippers, hanging out from under it.*

Ceterium: *Gazing at the green glow*  So this really is Illumine?

Senomus: *Appearing from the shadows* Yes.  This is your sister.  Her shell is broken but the magic that binds her has not fully yielded...nor will it until the anomaly keeping her open as a doorway breaks.  Until then she is here as she is there.

Ceterium: How'd you get here?  I don't remember you following me.'

Senomus: This world has many tricks for those who know how to follow them.  In time you could have learned them as I did but that is not your fate.

Ceterium: What do you mean?

Senomus:  Illumine will be a bridge.  Not just for her and your friends but you as well.  You will return to the living...not as a bound soul but in flesh in blood.

Ceterium: *Happily*  I will but *Smile fading* after everything I I deserve that?

Senomus: We were not responsible for what we did while monsters, my son. You will have to accept that.

Ceterium: maybe...wait...about what you said earlier. You said she is both here and there...what do you mean?

Senomus: She is the link between this dimension and the one you were flung from. Her link to the magic that flung you here has her trapped as the bridge...only when things are returned to how they should be will she be truly restored.

Ceterium: Umm...I think I understand.

Senomus: There is one more caution I must tell you.

Ceterium: What is it?

Senomus: there is another who will try to use this...he commands great power but whatever he tries to do, you must not let him past you.  He cannot be returned to the world of the living.

*On Chompy after Curious, Wolfen and Zodi have separated*

Kate: So what's the real plan?

Me: I don't...

Kate: DOn't try it Robert.  I know you too well for you to pull a lie by me.  I can tell by the way you talk, you don't expect us to win. So why let us charge in?

Me:  I think it would be best if you didn't know.

Romulus: It's too late, "Robert.  I think we should tell her.

Me: *sigh.* very well.
So yeah. That's my part. I have a fairly clear idea of what me and Romulus are hiding but if either of you want to come up with your own twist I'm open to changing my mind. Tried to keep the military planning relatively straight forward. Stuck with a commonly known tactic with flanking. Yes my character is evil for making Curious and Zodi doubt the cause! muhahaha. Also more temporal mumbo jumbo!

Thought about writing a part for Kitty and Mentor but I decided not to.

Edit: looking over this since I apparently never explained. While the chaos and order energy centers are located within the body, the soul itself tends to be around the body and especially in the case of summons, it moves around a bit...usually emotionally charged. An attacking opponent is particularly difficult to pin down because not only do they move around on their own, aggression and fear (two of the primary emotions that occur when someone is fighting) cause a particularly jumpy motion for the soul.
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HowlsInTheDistance Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So this bridge can be used to restore life..? Come back to us wolf.spider! YOU MUST!!! *Zodi uses puppy eyes*
Well the portal is fairly specific due to how it was created. Templeton, Ceterium, Adreanne, you, Croco, Curious, Zodi and Kate went through it as well as the castle and some guards. Those are the number of people that should be able to use it to go through-energy loss from the original transfer (technically all of the main characters+2 should be able to get through the portal). After that amount the portal would automatically close. Also technically it should be the same people that go through who passed through it to begin with. inconsistencies weaken the portal, reducing the viable number that can go through.
HowlsInTheDistance Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*Zodi stabs random mook #54 and reapplies puppy eyes*
CuriousSpinnyFan Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
Oh god, Croco's got us all figured out!!! But I wonder what your plan is...( ^ _____ ^ )
and so that's how things are gonna happen. Illumine' as a doorway. Nice.

and lastly, did Asura already post his part? If so, I totally missed it.

And last LASTly, what's up with the ruby slippers line? lol I have no idea what it means. Is it a reference on something other the wizard of oz?
Oh and yeah. I had originally introduced Croco as a tactician. I wanted to get back to that a little bit.
CuriousSpinnyFan Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
I remember that. We never got to see his tactical side much ever since the Ceterium arc didn't we?
Once when the battle between us and Kenshin's army took place at Kenshin's castle but that was a while back.
CuriousSpinnyFan Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Oh yeah! But now his tactical skills are going to be used against us!! (>____<)
Hey don't fret too much. I have a few tricks up my sleeve...too bad I forgot my shirt...this metal armor really isn't comfortable right up against the skin.
It was an Oz line. You know the house falls on the Wicked Witch of the East and she's wearing the ruby red slippers.
Wynterhawke07 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Looks good to me. ^_^
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